Thursday, July 12, 2012

Internal dilemma

Hey! Talk about being absent in the long run... Basically, these days its all about self-analysis, constant look outs for a the betterment of myself and yes, extending the helping hand to those who need and could do with being rescued. Sound familiar?

These days, unless one is seriously 'zonked-out', the sleeping hours can be tricky. As for me, its been nuts and right down crazy! I recently finished my degree program and progressed on with my then 'part -time' job. Not complaining here - i love my job. Its just that; more often than not, people would love to start the day with a fresh and alert mind - not a brain that's been on overdrive mode. Get what i mean? Everyday is a new 'story' a.k.a nightmare/ flashes of things from the past, current and hey, possibly the future as well. I can only put it down to being beyond my control.

Let me ask you a question, dear readers... Have you envisioned your own deaths? Sounds gory i know but, have you actually lived out the multiple experiences of seeing your death staged over and over again- without waking up the next day to a case similar to that of a heart-attack? 'A good exercise for the heart' some may say but, its hazardous too in the long run. What an elusive and weird world to inhabit. Sighs...

Friday, September 9, 2011


Going through some of the blog pages, it never fails to amaze and surprise some readers; of the very content as well as the extent of the contents displayed in the name of a blog 'post'. I for one ain't gonna complain coz i find some of my posts following along the same line. To complain would be like having the pot call the kettle black rite? I had so many ideas for this post of mine after being a 'faithful' absentee from my blog - turns out, this is what my fingers typed. So, not according to what i planned and so out of topic! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a dream...?

We started out as links

With time it became immense

We swore to keep it aflame

My magically sweet eighteen

Each gift-like day

Hearing you chortle

Seeing you daily

My very love

Of stolen embraces

Of secretive rendezvous

A peck here and there

A lovely, unique feeling

A year later

A different story

A twist in our story

O no! O my! O blimey!

Aggressor of my heart

You crushed my world

Ugly hag in your judgment

Bitterness in your mind

What went wrong?

Why turn traitor?

Answer me…dear?

Why? Why? Why?

Worlds apart after a period,

Our dreams and vows slashed

Our love sullied beyond repair

You remain individual dear

My primary love…

- Untitled -

O my.... Just look at how time creeps up from behind and surprises you with its quick turns until the days and moths are gone! As 2012 looms near, how many of you out there actually belief in the mythology? Why do you say so? This also happens to be the year where i have a long list of resolutions to be metted out before the midnight of the 31st of December! By long i mean.... itz quite long and though some of it looks simple enough to complete, the people involved in making it a fulfilled task make it a difficult one. O man....

Enough ramblings above, now... moving on to other pertinent stuff...

Dear readers out there,

Have you ever felt constricted? Outwardly, you are free to do anything but, on the inside, it's a different story in the all together... What did you do to escape the situation from reccuring?

I'm sure almost a majority of us belief that friends and contacts are much more important than family... How many of you belief in this motto? It is true and it has been proven year in year out that friends do play a vital role in one's life... especially in the adolecent stage of one's life. Hence, good, clear 'jewels' should be treasured and kept from the ammount of 'junk' available out there...

In my next post, i'll be giving you a few of my work... read it, get into the mood and do let me know what you think. Hope to hear from you guys soon...

Friday, March 18, 2011


Gosh! Been aeons since i last returned here n POOF! I suddenly hv a lotta blogs 2 play 'catch-up' with... Zzz... Not with my actual living, breathing friends; but, their blogs! Yea..yea... i know, damn sad rite? *Sighs....* M currently in my 2nd yr with a yr more 2 go in order 2 complete my degree programme and this sem is simply whoa... simply crazy. Should i jump in joy at d prospect or should i screech? I wonder what next semester would have in store... *Grimace + anticipation mood...*

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A bad week!

First, my planned trips got cancelled...meaning it is back to being alone for most of the time. Not a problem for me as i'm quite used to this condition. With the recent internet connection faced; my only alternate source of entertainment is gone! NO more online movies,music n cartoons... *Argh...!*With nothing to keep me from going bonkers; it's a difficult endeavour to take. A bad week indeed... Shall let you know how it goes next week. C ya!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What are friends?

In this modernized era, friendship between both genders and races do not receive the heat of the glaring eye anymore as compared to the olden days where a mere 'hello' between a male and female was considered too much. We have become so modernized these days that unthought-of events such as gay and lesbian marriages are now, not only a reality but common too!

But, to answer your question, friends are one's companion because no matter what your mood is for the day, these friends would be there to bolster your confidence by supporting you in whatever actions you take. In short, one can regard friends as trustworthy, honest and yes, maybe a little angelic (unless they decide to join forces with the devil).

To my knowledge, all friendships face problems every now and then.. It is the action taken as well as the outcome of it that determines the strength and direction of the said friendship. Having friends is like having a partner only, it isn't that close. The same issues are addressed: Trust, Honesty, Guidance, Loyalty, Love, Care and so forth.

To be a good friend can sometimes be a hell-ish path if the other party is not co-operative at all. It can also be sweet. Like in the movies we sometimes see, rich girl has no true friends or something like that. A life like that is certainly bound to be lonesome and one i would not wish upon myself!

The gap between a friend to a good friend before progressing deeper into being a best friend isn't that wide but, the path to it is full of challenges. Friends can be acquired anytime; good friends are always there for you. Now, to be a best friend, one needs to go the extra mile and prove themselves through time.