Thursday, July 12, 2012

Internal dilemma

Hey! Talk about being absent in the long run... Basically, these days its all about self-analysis, constant look outs for a the betterment of myself and yes, extending the helping hand to those who need and could do with being rescued. Sound familiar?

These days, unless one is seriously 'zonked-out', the sleeping hours can be tricky. As for me, its been nuts and right down crazy! I recently finished my degree program and progressed on with my then 'part -time' job. Not complaining here - i love my job. Its just that; more often than not, people would love to start the day with a fresh and alert mind - not a brain that's been on overdrive mode. Get what i mean? Everyday is a new 'story' a.k.a nightmare/ flashes of things from the past, current and hey, possibly the future as well. I can only put it down to being beyond my control.

Let me ask you a question, dear readers... Have you envisioned your own deaths? Sounds gory i know but, have you actually lived out the multiple experiences of seeing your death staged over and over again- without waking up the next day to a case similar to that of a heart-attack? 'A good exercise for the heart' some may say but, its hazardous too in the long run. What an elusive and weird world to inhabit. Sighs...